Become a brand

What is Teasecloud?

Teasecloud is a unique free to join micropayment website that utilizes cutting edge Cloud Server Technology to deliver fast HD video and photoset streaming to the world’s soft adult marketplace, with no downloads.

Who owns and runs Teasecloud?

Teasecloud is developed and run by established UK based company Wow Zoom Publishing.  The Directors of Wow Zoom Publishing have been active in the international entertainment publishing business for over twenty-five years.

What is a Teasecloud Brand?

A Teasecloud Brand can be a soft adult, tease, glamour, content creator, owner or publisher, based anywhere in the world.

What does Teasecloud offer Brands?

Teasecloud allows Brands to upload selected videos and photosets from their back catalogue content onto Teasecloud and share in the website’s fantastic revenue generating potential.

What are the revenue streams Brands can benefit from?

As a Teasecloud Brand, you will benefit from;

  • Additional Sales of your selected back catalogue
  • Additional revenues through our affiliate program
  • A potential to share in sales revenues of other Teasecloud Brands
  • Complete control over your own content and prices
  • Optional monetization of your exit traffic that bounces without spending
  • Plus Additional Membership Sales of your own website(s) though Teasecloud’s ‘Buy before you Join!’ experience.

What are the revenue splits?

Teasecloud fees on Sales of Brand’s Content are 25% of Net Sales where Net Sales means Gross Sales less Payment Processing and Affiliate Partner Sales (if any), so Brand receives 75% of Net Sales. Teasecloud also pays Brands 50% of Gross Sales for referred traffic plus 10% webmaster referrals through its CCBill Affiliate Program, CashTC.

How do you become a Teasecloud Brand?

To become a Brand you must be the creator, owner or publisher of soft adult content on the internet.  This can include publishers, photographers, studios and models.  As long as you own the content, you can apply now to become a Teasecloud Brand.

Are there any set up costs, fees or running costs?

No. All the costs of developing, hosting and running Teasecloud are covered by Wow Zoom Publishing.

How is traffic sent to Teasecloud?

Traffic to Teasecloud will come from:

  • Teasecloud’s Affiliate Program, CashTC
  • SEO
  • Promotions
  • Social Media
  • Brands Referrals
  • Brands Exit Traffic (optional)
  • Promotional campaigns

And more.

How do Brands upload content?

We have a simple and secure process for partners to upload and categorize their content on Teasecloud.  Full details will be provided together with Technical Support.

How do Brands categorise and control their content?

Once you have uploaded content to Teasecloud you will be able to access your secure Brand Admin Area where you can add, remove, categorize, edit, and set prices for your content.

How do Brands access Sales and Earnings reports?

Brands will be able to access their Sales and Earnings Reports for their Content in their secure Brand Admin Area.  They will also be able to login to their CCBill Admin Area to access their affiliate earnings reports.

How secure is my content?

Teasecloud utilizes the latest Cloud Server Technology, offering secure access to your content.  Users on Teasecloud will not be offered a download of any content, but will only be offered access to view or stream the content online after they have purchased it. Brands also have full control over their own content and can remove it from the site or amend it at any time.

How do I get paid?

For Non-Affiliate sales on Teasecloud, payment will be made direct to you by Wow Zoom Publishing.  Affiliate sales are handled by the market leading affiliate program run by CCBill.  You will be able to see clearly on your control panel how much you are earning. Nothing will be hidden from you.

How do we / I become a Teasecloud Brand?

To apply to become a Teasecloud Brand click here.