Become a brand

  1. This is an Agreement between Wow Zoom Publishing (“WZP”) and the Content Supplier (“Brand”), for enabling the Brand to supply Video and Photoset files to WZP (Content) for the purposes of publication on Teasecloud and to benefit from the sales thereof.
  2. Financial

  3. WZP’s fees on Teasecloud for the Sales of Brand’s Content is 25% of Net Sales, so Brand receives 75% of Net Sales.
  4. Net Sales is defined as Gross Sales Receipts less Payment Processing and Affiliate Partner Sales (if any)
  5. Teasecloud also pays Brand 50% of Gross Sales for referred traffic plus 10% webmaster referrals, through its CCBill CashTC Affiliate Program.
  6. Teasecloud is not responsible for the contractual relationship between Brand and CCBill when Brand is signed up to the CashTC Affiliate Program.  CCBill’s usual rules state that Brands will be paid Affiliate Earnings weekly, two weeks in arrears.
  7. Brand will be able to access their Affiliate Program data and earnings by logging into their CCBill website Affiliate Admin.
  8. For sales of their own Content on Teasecloud, Brand will be able to access a Sales and Earnings Report through their secure Teasecloud Brand Admin area. 
  9. All moneys owed by WZP to Brand for sale of their Content will be paid by the last day of each Calendar Month, one month in arrears.  (e.g.  January sales before end February).
  10. Brand Admin

  11. Brand will be supplied with login access to Brand’s Admin area where Brand will be able to; Access Brand Information; Upload, Remove or Edit Content; Set Prices; Categorise or Edit Content Details; View Earnings and Purchasing History Reports; and Access Teasecloud Promotional Banners and additional Materials.
  12. Brand on Website

  13. Brand hereby grants a non-exclusive worldwide license to WZP to sell Content supplied by Brand on a per-unit basis on Teasecloud. 
  14. Intellectual Property within the Content will at all times be owned by the Brand. 
  15. Brand will have its own page on Teasecloud which will show all the content supplied for sale by Brand on Teasecloud.
  16. The Brand page will also have a link back to the Brand’s main website(s) and will be intended to encourage users to purchase Membership(s) on the Brand’s main website(s).
  17. Users on Teasecloud will also be able to search a Brand’s content on Teasecloud for certain categories of content (eg Search: PinUpWow + Upskirts).
  18. Brand will upload Content it wishes to offer for sale on Teasecloud via FTP.  (FTP details will be provided by WZP)
  19. Marketing & Promotion

  20. Brand hereby permits WZP to use samples from Content for promotional purposes for Teasecloud.  Where such Content is used, all original watermarks and logos will be retained on the Content.
  21. Brand hereby permits WZP to use any marks, graphics or logos of the Brand itself, as well as any text or writing on that Brand’s website or text within the Brand’s own promotional material, in order to create promotional materials for Teasecloud or to supply further information about Brand to Teasecloud users.
  22. Brands hereby permits WZP to become a Member of their own Affiliate Program and to earn revenues from any traffic referred to Brand’s website(s) from Teasecloud.
  23. In order to become a Teasecloud Brand, Brand must be registered as an Affiliate in Teasecloud’s CashTC Affiliate Program run by CCBill (web_masters).
  24. Teasecloud has created pop-ups for exit traffic that is about to leave a free area of a Brand’s website without spending money, to direct them to Teasecloud (Exit Traffic Banner).  All traffic referred in this way will become the Brand’s affiliate members to earn the Brand more cash.  It is recommended, although not a requirement, that Teasecloud Brands install a Teasecloud ‘Exit Traffic Banner’ (or Brand’s own versions of this) on at least one page of their main website(s), usually the Payment Page or other pages within a ‘Free Tour’ area.  NOTE: The code and gfx for Exit Traffic Banners will be supplied to the Brand.
  25. Brands are free to drive traffic to Teasecloud however they please. The more traffic Brand sends, the more money Brand can make.  
  26. Termination

  27. Brand is permitted to cancel this Agreement at any time and to request the removal of their Brand and all their Content from Teasecloud.  It is not possible however for WZP to cancel any previous purchases by Users for Brand’s Content, who will continue to have the right to view content they have already purchased through Teasecloud.
  28. WZP may cancel this Agreement at any time and may remove from Teasecloud Site or temporarily make unavailable, any or all Content supplied by a Brand, as well as the Brand itself, for any reason in its absolute discretion.  NOTE: Any payments still due to Brand will be paid on the due dates.
  29. Miscellaneous

  30. Users on Teasecloud will not be offered a download of any of Brand’s Content, but will only be offered access to view or stream the Content online after they have purchased it.  NOTE: While Teasecloud’s Terms & Conditions ( expressly forbid Users from attempting to overcome any security measures or from attempting to take any hard copies of Content on Teasecloud, and also WZP has taken every reasonable measure to maximise security and to prevent this from happening, WZP cannot completely guarantee that Brand’s Content is 100% secure from any such fraudulent or dishonest activity.
  31. WZP is under no obligation to accept all Content supplied by the Brand and may reject individual photosets or videos for any reason in its absolute discretion.
  32. WZP is under no obligation to keep previous copies of this Agreement so it is recommended that Brands print off or keep a copy of the Agreement.  If WZP does at any point look to alter or amend this Agreement with Brand, we will notify Brand of intended changes by Email to Brand’s supplied Email Address.
  33. This Agreement, and any documents referred to in it, constitute the whole Agreement between the parties and supersede any arrangements, understanding or previous Agreement between them relating to the subject matter they cover.
  34. If any provision of this Agreement is held illegal or unenforceable in a judicial proceeding, such provision shall be severed and shall be inoperative, and the remainder of this Agreement shall remain operative and binding on the Parties.
  35. These rules shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England & Wales. Disputes arising in connection with these rules shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England & Wales